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Do you know that backlinks are the most important ranking factors which influence your website's ranking? The higher number of quality backlinks, the better. Okay, good. But how many quality backlinks do you have on your website right now? Go check it! Try this free Backlink Checker tool and find out what is going on with your backlinks.

To get more details, read our complete guide on how to check backlinks.


Find broken links

If you want to monitor broken links or even fix them then try out this free Broken Link Checker tool. Fasten your seat belt because here is the list of talented features that will help you in your website's success:

1) Duplicate Content Checker (Did you know that there is such a thing?!)

2) Backlinks overview (Get extra data on each link and find out where it leads to.)

3) Social Metrics Checker (Don't get lost in the jungle of links, use this feature and know your social status in a minute.)

4) Content Gap (Get to know where exactly you need to add content into your website in order to attract more backlinks and visitors.)

5) Alexa Rank Checker (What is your rank? Just put in your website's URL and find out instantly how high you rank on the global scale.)

6) SERP overview (Do this once a week or even twice a month to keep your eyes on the best keywords that rank high in search results. Use the free Keyword Magic tool for analyzing top-ranking keywords more thoroughly.)

7) And many others which you'll get access to after using the link above.


So what are you waiting for? Use this free Broken Link Checker tool and fix broken links to boost your website's SEO.

Content Gap analysis

Do you want to know which content performs the best on your website or blog? You want to optimize this content, right? But how can you do it without proper information about the performance of each and every post? Use the Content Gap analysis feature and find out each content's performance. Are you surprised?! The list of additional features is so extensive that we continue to improve our free tools to make them even better for you.


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