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About Blacklist Lookup

The Blacklist Lookup tool allows our users to enter an IP address or URL and check it against 11 anti-malware blacklists in real-time. If the site is listed, information about why it was added is provided. The site can then be removed from all of the lists by continuing through the removal process.

What are anti-malware blacklists?

Anti-malware blacklists are one way that organizations prevent their network resources from being used for malicious activity. They do this by identifying sites associated with harmful or deceptive content and blocking them in order to keep their networks safe. An example of a harmful website might be a known phishing page that tries to steal your account credentials or infects your computer with malware. An example of deceptive content might be a site that distributes unwanted pop-ups or attempts to deceive you into providing personal information.

Why do we need the Blacklist Lookup tool?

The anti-malware blacklists, such as those used by Google Safe Browsing and Microsoft SmartScreen, are shared among millions of computers around the world. This makes it very easy for bad actors to run harmful activity from new locations and stay ahead of the blacklist updates. By checking your site against these lists before allowing users onto your network, you can reduce risk and increase protection for everyone.


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