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About Class C Ip Checker

1. What is a Class C IP Checker Tool

A Class C IP Checker Tool is an online tool that scans your IP address or hostname against up-to-date blacklists. It will provide you with information on whether your IP address has been reported for spam, blacklisting, fraud, etc.

2. How to use the tool 

Just type your IP address or hostname in the search box on top of the page hit Enter and wait for a few seconds.

3. Why should you care about your IP address

You should care because your IP address is the only way others can contact you. With an IP address scanner, you can ensure that your IP address is not listed on any spam list and looks safe to send mail from, thereby protecting yourself from receiving junk mail and viruses attached to emails.

4. How can this help you in your daily life

With an IP address scanner, you can find out if your mail server is blacklisted and avoid unwanted communication in the future. You can also check if your personal or company's website is banned from any search engine, the way back to work. This will help when applying for new accounts on forums, discussion boards, and other websites which require you to provide an email address. The IP checker tool will ensure that your email hasn't already been banned so you can join without any problems.

5. What should you do if my IP is showing up on a blacklist?

Please don't panic, it could be something as simple as an errant auto-generated spam message which has triggered the blacklist filters. Instead of panicking and hiding from the world, you can now quickly and easily clear your name and get back to surfing the internet as usual.

6. How do I remove my IP address or domain from a blacklist?

Just go to, fill in the captcha and click on "Submit." You should receive a response within a few minutes.

7. How do I remove my IP address or domain from several blacklists?

You can use to remove your email from multiple blacklists at once, by simply pasting your email address into the appropriate field. However, if you want to check your IP address or domain against several blacklists, then you can use our manual blacklist removal tool which is located at

8. Tips for keeping your IP address secure

Answer: Remember, you should never enter your IP address into a search engine. Your IP address is the identifier by which all websites and servers know you as well as how to contact you. If it is displayed in a search engine then hackers can easily grab it from unprotected private messages or databases that have been exposed.


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