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About Domain Authority Checker

Domain Authority Checker tool is a free tool to check domain authority online.

Domain authority is an SEO term that describes how easy it is to rank your site on Google. The higher the domain authority, the more likely you are to rank for competitive keywords in search results.

The Domain Authority Checker tool was created by using data from Moz Open Site Explorer and combines it with Alexa information of the top 1 million websites to get accurate estimates on individual websites.

How it works:

Enter any website URL in above text box and press enter or click "Check" button. The result will be displayed along with corresponding graph, details of Moz Page Authority score, Backlinks Score & Social Media Score very quickly. You can also compare up to 3 websites at once side-by-side with a comparison button given below each search result.

The results are then combined into a score between 0-100. You can use this metric to compare your site with any other website on the web. 0-30 is very poor while anything above 70+ is fantastic. Anything above 90+ is considered excellent and you should be proud of it.

Standard benefits of using Domain Authority Checker tool:

  • You can compare your domain authority to any other site on the web.
  • Determine if you're in a good position for SEO ranking.

Emotional benefits of using Domain Authority Checker tool:

  • Get a competitive edge over your competition.
  • Know if you rank high enough to be successful with SEO.
  • Feel good about your website's standing with SEO.

As you are aware, the Domain Authority Calculator is one of the most visible metrics for search engine optimization success. Whether you're looking to measure your own web site's performance or that of a client - it's important to know where your project stands in relation to its competitors. This application will calculate page authority using data from Moz Open Site Explorer.

Domain authority is considered one of the best metrics available because it incorporates all ranking factors into a single score between 0 and 100. The higher the domain authority, the easier it'll be to rank on search engines like Google and Bing.

The goal behind this site is simple: provide accurate domain authority data as well as additional tools that will help SEOs.

This tool is property of SeoToolsPortal and free to Use.