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About Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Checker tool is initially designed to provide information about deleted web pages on Google servers by taking advantage of cached page links.

The site provides an option that enables you to fetch all the text that appears on a cached version of any webpage, including bookmarks and feeds. All the listed data provided by Google Cache is presented in HTML format with some additional text highlighting features.

How does it work?

Google Cache Checker provides you with all the information that appears on your live website in case that was indexed by Google servers in recent times, including images, text, and links. Even if some changes have been made in the meantime, you can see how many pages were added or removed from your website since the last update. This information is available through the ’Number of indexed pages’ section which includes data about the total number of incoming links, index status (whether they are active or inactive) along with link preview feature which allows you to see how each webpage looks like when accessed via engines.


Google Cache Checker also allows you to see Google's cached version of a page.

  • This simple tool allows you to check your website or web page for any issues by providing information regarding:
  • The last time Google visited and cached your website.
  • How many pages were found on this server and how many were indexed by Google search engines?
  • The size of text, HTML code, and external links found on your cached copy as well as the link preview present on the live version of the same webpage.

You can use the “Text Highlight” option to provide an extra feature that enables you to highlight certain parts of the text such as login forms, contact forms, search boxes, or whatever else that has been added to your website since the last time it was indexed by Google.


What are the benefits of using Google Cache Checker for site owners?

It provides you with information regarding cached pages on Google servers and allows you to see what kind of content is currently indexed on your website so that you can check if there are some issues that need to be solved in order to ensure better SEO results.

Apart from this, it also enables you to get detailed information regarding links pointing directly towards your site which may actually lead to backlinks provided by another web page.

This tool helps you develop a complete understanding of how the current architecture of your website works and room for suggestions that would help improve the overall structure of your website.

In addition to all this, Google Cache Checker also provides a powerful search engine for finding out how many times an URL has been indexed by Google and the number of backlinks that have been acquired or lost since the last update.

This tool allows you to check if some changes have been made on your site without notifying you, which can lead to spamming and even hacking issues.

You will be able to monitor and track down every single content update and activity undertaken on your website as well as make sure that no data is lost or deleted from it without your consent. It also allows you to see how many links you have and how many of them are indexed by Google and similar web search engines, which can provide helpful information regarding website development. Apart from this, it provides a powerful search engine for finding out the number of times any URL has been indexed by Google along with new or lost backlinks.


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