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Malware Checker is a free, easy-to-use online scanner for detecting malware. It's able to detect more than 700 types of malware. Malware Checker analyzes suspect files against more than 700 types of malware and spyware on the Internet. It then provides a report that states how at risk your machine is to being infected with malware.

The 3 buttons on the page are easy to understand; Scan this File, Upload File, Download Result. Malware Checker can be used for free without registering or downloading any software. Results are returned instantly after uploading your file (the bigger the file, the longer it takes).

Malware Checker is great for quick checks if something has come in an email attachment that you think might contain malware. The best use of this tool though is for determining if a site you're visiting is potentially harmful. Please note that clicking "Scan this File" will run another check on your current page! If you're browsing productive pages and see the result change to infection risk, I recommend closing out of all browsers windows, restarting your computer, or running a different scanner.

To upload your file to be scanned, simply click "Upload File" and select the file you want to upload. Once selected, click open and the file will begin uploading. Note that uploading can take some time depending on how large it is so please wait till the page says "File uploaded successfully"! If for some reason there was an error during uploading (IO Error #2), just repeat this step. Files are not kept after they are checked by Malware Checker so if your file does not show up in the results, then it's safe to assume that either 1) It has already been analyzed / no longer available/corrupted or 2) An error occurred when scanning it and it failed analysis! If you're still not sure how this works, just try it out on your own file.

If you need to scan a Dropbox link, please use the "Scan this Link" option. There is currently no way to upload or download any files from Dropbox directly through Malware Checker. This only applies to links that start with .... The other links will work fine if uploaded or downloaded by following the usual steps in uploading and downloading a file above!

If you're curious about a particular malware, please visit our Virus Encyclopedia for more information! You can also create an account from here which allows you to subscribe to our forum discussions or contact us when dealing with malware-related questions or problems that need to be resolved.

In order for us to better help you with your issues, please send memory snapshots of any processes as well as screenshots of any error messages you're getting! We also highly recommend that you run a scan with an antivirus tool such as Malwarebytes because some malware can remove themselves from existence once they have infected a computer and thus only reside in the system memory which is not checked by most scanners. If there are any other questions regarding particular malware incidents, we ask for all steps taken to resolve the issue so we can try our best to replicate it and provide a solution within our forum! Thank you!

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