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Keyword Density Checker tool

The Keyword Density Checker tool is a very helpful application that allows you to check your keyword density and lets you know if it exceeds the Google and SEO accepted standards. It provides data analysis by showing the percentage of keywords, the number of mentions, and popular words in web page title, URL, or text content.

This tool supports any keyword, phrase, or user-defined text. It is completely free and has the ability to track the progress of your website's rankings in Google search results.


How to use the tool?

To correctly use this SEO tool, just copy your webpage into the top text area and press the "Check Keyword density" button. After a few seconds, you will be able to see a detailed data analysis of your keyword density. If you want to check another web page, just reload the current page by clicking on the "Reload Page" button or refresh it manually by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard.

This website is working properly with any mobile devices including iPhone and iPad (iOS) and Android phones and tablets (Operating System). We recommend using Firefox Browser as Web Developer Toolbar won't work properly without it installed in Mozilla Firefox Browser. The toolbar can also improve the user experience while reviewing main keywords according to their search popularity.

This free keyword density checker tool is the easiest way to track your website's current keyword rank position in Google search results. The better your website ranks for its target keywords, the higher the chance it will be visited by potential customers. This tool not only measures but also demonstrates how many times a keyword or phrase appears on a webpage and instantly calculates its percentage value. The thing you should remember while working on optimizing any web page content is that less is more. You have to use popular words which are relevant to your site theme to make relevant content with a lower number of separate highlighted keywords. It's better if each word appears multiple times within text since it shows that this text contains relevant information to search engine spiders crawling through every article of your site.

The Keyword Density Checker tool is very helpful for people who are writing articles or blogs. You can check out how your work will look like to other visitors. Please keep in mind that keyword density should be not too low otherwise it looks unnatural and not too high because search engines don't like it. The optimal average keyword density for all web pages is 2-5%. The thing you have to know about this free SEO application is the fact that its results are based on random samples of generated texts which can differ from the real content of a web page by 30% but they show acceptable averages dependable on a number of keywords used. If you want to avoid any negative impact caused by the wrong usage of this, please follow these useful tips on how to optimize your web pages.

Most internet marketers do not know about this useful tool, so if you are using it on your website or blog please post a link to our website below. You can also share this article with other people who might find it helpful. Thank you for reading!

This free keyword density checker tool is working properly with any browser but Google Chrome Browser contains a built-in Development Toolbar that allows access to some new functions very useful while checking keyword density for search engine optimization purposes. If you want to use these features please press Ctrl+Shift+I keys on your keyboard at the same time and then click the "Console" tab in the opened window. Now just enter keywords into the text area below and press the "Enter" button on your keyboard to check their density percentage. You can also try this SEO browser tool by clicking the link below.

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Disclaimer - This free keyword density checker tool is working properly with JavaScript-enabled browsers only including Google Chrome (recommended), Mozilla Firefox.

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