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Every now and then a tool pops up that greatly increases productivity for a targeted information type.  The following paragraph is from my review of the link research tool, Link Explorer by Cyrus Shepard:

"In the past, it was necessary to have access to multiple tools in order to accurately judge how your site or article was linked throughout the web.  You would use an on-page anchor text analyzer such as SEO Quake, MajesticSEO's bookmarking search feature, Technorati's influence screen, Open Site Explorer for backlinks, and the relevance scores from the individual engines' sitemap submission pages… just to name a few."

The time required for a traditional link analysis was pretty extensive.  So I was surprised when I learned about the popularity of Aaron Wall's new link analyzer (free tool).  To be honest, it is amazing how quickly this tool has taken off.  The success of this free product could very well send chills through the search marketing industry.

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It is worth noting that Google has not yet incorporated links into their own on-page analysis feature (check for keyword density and readability), but they are inserting PageRank into webmasters' pages via Google Webmaster Tools. Most people see a direct correlation between free tools and reduced market shares. In my opinion, you can't blame them since most great minds have been co-opted by large companies with deep pockets. It just seems that the webmaster community has become complacent due to the sheer number of tools available.  I'm not suggesting anything will happen, but I am pointing out the fact that Google is up to something big which could have a dramatic impact on paid marketing effectiveness.

So what are your thoughts?  Do you think people are more concerned about developing great websites or do they place too much emphasis on link building? Feel free to comment below!

SeoToolsPortal's Link Analyzer tool allows you to quickly measure both external and internal links.  If you're interested in including this tool on your own site, Aaron offers some instructions here.

As an SEO professional, it is hard not to get excited about new free link-building tools.  This one is no exception, and Aaron Wall has created a great resource for the web marketing industry - at least those willing to compete on their own terms.

Aaron (from SEOBook) is definitely an expert in link building and his blog follows some of the best stuff I've ever seen on how to build links. His tool looks like it will be extremely useful and I'm glad he released it as a free tool ? Reply Delete

While Google's new search result layout with ads next to the organic results may seem bad for people that depend on paid marketing methods, I think we need to understand Google's position: It's not about making more money than competitors, although they will probably do so. It's about keeping the internet search engine market that they pretty much created and which makes them very profitable. If you think about it, Google is a service provider. They don't sell any products like other companies do - not need to get physical inventory or buy raw materials - so they probably decided early on to use services as the main way of making money. Advertising was an obvious choice but once competitors started catching up, and more and more people used adblocking software (esp mobile), ads did not seem like such a great idea anymore... So I think we can soon expect another big change in front page layout, maybe something where the organic results are above the fold? Reply Delete

You write things that make sense to me! Well done dude. It's all good stuff, don't stop writing! Reply Delete

I think it will be interesting to see how this tool will affect things. I have always felt there should be a focus on quality over quantity when it comes to links. You can get just about any link you want with enough time and money, but at the end of the day, you are better off getting 20 links that really count than 100 links because they were easy to get. Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts. Reply Delete

Great point, Rob! We all know Google reads our comments so I hope everyone comprehends why these new developments are crucial in determining what's important for our industry moving forward... Reply Delete

This an ingenious idea - because it

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