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About Link Price Calculator

Link Price Calculator tool is a free SEO tool that helps webmasters find the price of link building. Link Price Calculator helps you save time and money on campaign planning by providing an overview of what others are actually paying for it, which can be used as a benchmark when negotiating with link builders. Keep in mind not to pay more than necessary!

How does it work? How does Link Price Calculator calculate estimated prices?

A link price calculator provides you with an estimation based on three criteria: keyword competition, topicality, and PageRank. The tool factors these into account before estimating what you should pay for buying or building links. The higher the competition, the lower your budget will be; the less targeted your niche is, the more expensive the link will be. The same goes for PageRank, which is an old SEO ranking factor from when Google cared about how many links a page had pointed to it.

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