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City Ashburn
Region Virginia (VA)
Country United States of America
Country Code US
Latitude 39.0469
Longitude -77.4903

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My IP Address tool allows you to extract the current IP Address for a computer on a local network. The tool is developed in Java and can be run on most platforms. Your browser will launch the program automatically when there's a match for your query. You can then copy an extract from the HTML source code of that page or even go directly to the correct line in the log file if you have it available locally.

The tool features: - supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses - extracts all related addresses for a computer including Broadcast & Netmask - parses HTTP server logs with ease using regular expressions - returns data as plain text, XML, or JSON

How does it work? When you enter an IPv4 address into the query field the page checks for a match against a list of regular expressions. If there's a successful search, all related data for this address will be printed on the screen in plain text, XML, or JSON format. The program does not send any requests to external servers and retrieves data from your local computer instead.

IPv4 to IPv6 converter You can convert an IPv4 address into its corresponding IPv6 format by adding a "converter" URL parameter: Multiple converters exist for various formats such as dotted decimal notation or colon-hexadecimal notation. The tool displays the resulting values in the matching output format below the original value when you specify either of the two options.

JSON API The default output of the program is plain text but there are also alternative output formats available. You can easily integrate our tool with your own website or app by using one of the available APIs instead. Do we currently provide three different JSON APIs which are accessible at{format} , where {format} is either XML , JSON or PHP . Replace 104 with the IP that you want to query and specify one of these values for {format}. Our test page on will give you more information on how this works in practice.

Conclusion We hope you find this little experiment useful! If there's

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