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About Page Authority Checker

Page Authority Checker tool is an online tool to check page authority when a URL is entered. It is a beginner-friendly free Page Authority Checker tool.

To check page authority, enter the URL.

Page Authority Checker tool will test one link for checking Page Authority. It sends a special signal to Google's crawler, and it can calculate an approximate value of page rank.

If you want more accurate results use the Advanced Page Authority Checker tool or buy the Moz toolbar to check the Page Rank of your website.

This is just an experimental tool for people who are beginners in SEO and do not have any access to tools like SEMrush, Mozbar, etc. For getting accurate results you should know optimization techniques also.

The steps are the same as you do on your own research on competitive analysis by following some basic guidelines that I am sharing below with my readers on this blog post.

Standard benefits of Using Page Authority Checker tool:

  • Helps you understand the Page Rank of your website.
  • Gives you a rough estimate of how well your page ranks in Google's index.

Emotional benefits of Using Page Authority Checker tool:

  • You can find out if any of your competitors are ranking higher than you, and what they're doing differently to rank better.
  • See the Page Authority Checker tool for free!

There is no limit on the number of searches... well, maybe bcoz Google put a limit.

Instructions to use Page Authority Checker tool:

Just enter your website's domain name and click the " Page Authority Checker" button. For example, I entered www.search-analytics.info in the bar and it gave me a result like this:

When you see that kind of result it means your page has an authority level ranging between 39 to 41 (out of 100). That is not bad at all for a new blog that is only 6 months old! This tool is good for checking your competitor's websites also.

Note 1: If you are not getting any results this means this tool does not have access to Google's servers right now, or it might be a caching issue. In that case, try again after 2-3 minutes.

Note 2: If you are having any issues with the tool just post a comment below & I will help you out!

NB: We have developed a more accurate and advanced "Page Authority Checker" tool which is available to everybody. You can sign up for others' paid plans or use this free tool.

You can get the detailed authority and page rank report of any website in just 1 minute using our brand new "Backlink Analysis" tool: Backlink Analysis.

For example, I entered www.google.com in this free Google PageRank Checker and it gave me results like this:

I hope you find this blog post helpful to check the Page Authority of your website or other websites that you are interested in getting more details about their PageRank and other backlinks. If you know of any other good tools that provide accurate PageRank data please let us know through the comments below.

This tool is property of SeoToolsPortal and free to Use.