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About Page Size Checker

The Page Size Checker tool is a free online service to help identify the source of page size issues. This tool can be used to determine if caching, cookies, JavaScript, CSS, and image size are affecting your website's speed performance. You can use this tool to compare two URLs or test the same URL with different configurations (e.g., cache on/off).

Page Size Checker tool uses Webpagetest infrastructure to perform the testing. This infrastructure is present in many countries and you can even run your own instance for less than $40 per month. More information about Webpagetest and its pricing options can be found at

The results that the Page Size Checker tool provides will depend on which test location (country) is chosen for testing URLs. For example, if the testing location for a given URL is France, then it may take longer to complete when compared with running a test from London or California…etc...

This tool is property of SeoToolsPortal and free to Use.