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About Page Speed Checker

1. What is the Page Speed Checker tool and why does it matter for SEO

Page speed is a ranking signal in Google's search algorithm. Also, page load time can improve your site conversion rate. Page Speed Checker Tool helps you to identify the areas of your website which need improvement and optimize them for better performance.


2. How to check your site's page speed score

Use the Page Speed Checker tool to check your site's page speed. Enter your website URL and click the "Check" button. If you are optimizing for mobile, enter m.


3. Ways to improve your website's page speed score 

There are many ways to improve your site's page speed. The most common for webmasters is using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or Google PageSpeed module. Other tricks involve reducing the number of HTTP requests, minifying HTML/CSS/JavaScript files, enabling browser caching, and other methods.

Use our free tools like Page Speed Optimizer and Image Optimizer to check the ways you can improve your website's performance.


4. Why you should care about the Page Speed Checker tool

Page Speed Checker tool is an open-source project that provides free tools for testing the performance of your web pages, which includes PageSpeed Insights. Enabling these tools will help to improve your site's performance and earn you a better page speed score.


5. How to use the PageSpeed Insights tool in Google Search Console 

You can use Google Search Console to submit your URL and test it against Google's PageSpeed recommendations.

There are three ways of doing so:

  • Add new property in Google Search Console and navigate to "Search Appearance > HTML Improvements".
  • In the left sidebar, click on "Performance" and choose "PageSpeed Insights" under "Find problems with these pages."
  • After you have enabled the feature, click the red "Test now" button.


6. The effect of page speed on SEO and search engine ranking

Google PageSpeed is a crawling factor that affects rankings in Google Search. However, it's not a direct way or major factor. Google's John Mueller said that page speed is not a direct ranking signal, but it can affect rankings indirectly.


7. How to check your website's SEO score with our tool

Enter your URL into PageSpeed Checker where you are redirected to the page speed insights tool of Google's search console. If you are optimizing for mobile, it is better to enter m.


8. Pros and cons of using the Google PageSpeed Module

Answer: Using the module has many benefits such as reducing the size of the HTTP requests (by combining CSS and JS), enabling browser caching, leveraging CDN's and other useful features like cache checking and response timing. Also, speeding up your website decreases the bounce rate.


9. Common reasons for slow pages and how to fix them     

There are many reasons why your website's pages might be slow. The most common reasons include:

  • - unminified CSS and JS files
  • - Too many HTTP requests
  • - Slow server response time
  • - Heavy JavaScript libraries etc...

You should use PageSpeed Optimizer or Image Optimizer tools to improve your site speed by removing unnecessary resources and reducing their size.


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