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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Reverse IP Domain Checker is a free online tool that lets you quickly check the domain name on any URL. This useful tool will help you to see what other websites are hosted on the same server as others; so, if you ever wanted to track someone down and find out what other websites he/she owns apart from their main website, this reverse IP web page DNS lookup tool can be very helpful in such cases. You can simply input any domain name or full URL into the search box above and we'll instantly show a list of all possible results for your query. If there is more than one possible result (which usually happens when you search for an unknown keyword), we'll show those domains sorted by their popularity (measured as a number of sites that use those domains).

What is the difference between DNS and Reverse IP Lookup?

How can I check which other (related) domain names a particular domain name is registered under?

When we talk about DNS lookup, we usually mean checking which IP address has been assigned to a certain domain name. While you can easily do this with our Reverse Web Domain Checker, there are many different tools for this purpose available already on the web. On the other hand, when you want to find out what additional domain names have been registered using an email address or company name as their registrant details, you will need to use the Reverse Email Address Lookup tool or Reverse Whois Lookup  (both are very useful tools in their own field, by the way).

What's Reverse IP Address Lookup and why do we need it?

As we said earlier, usually when you type a certain domain name into your web browser (or use some other tool like ping command to determine the IP address of a given domain), your computer will automatically translate that into an IP address using DNS servers. The process is reversed during lookup for IP addresses; your Internet Provider assigns your computer one or another IP address and if you want to find out what websites are hosted on this particular server you can simply enter its IP address here and we return all websites that are hosted there right away.

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