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URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting Tool is free productivity software for Windows that allows you to fix, convert or create your own URLs. In other words, it enables you to manipulate the URL address of the web pages you're visiting. It can be used as a search engine tool to replace special keywords in a given website with an alternative text. This way it's possible to re-write links on existing websites, automatically link certain keywords to external or internal page content and much more...

Using this utility it is possible to replace any text in the URL address of a web page. It can be used as SEO software to optimize your website's on-page search engine optimization through URL rewriting. If you are using Adobe GoLive, Dreamweaver, or Contribute on your website development, all links will automatically be rewritten correctly for both browsers and search engines (adds 'canonical' attribute). It is also useful if you're planning to keep permanent URLs after displaying dynamic html pages with php or ASP scripts - eg: URLs with variables like example.com/index2.php?var1=value&var2=other can be preserved by adding ?var1=value&var2=other at the end.

URL Rewriting Tool is also useful if you're planning to access web pages by using direct links (eg: example.com/page2 instead of www.example.com/page2). Furthermore, this tool can be used as an advanced Windows proxy that allows any program to connect the internet through it - simply run your application with the command line parameter -url=http://www.source-site.com for Internet Explorer or -url=http://www.source-site.com for Netscape Messenger 9 and you will be able to browse any site on the net without leaving your favorite chat client!

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