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About Website Links Count Checker

1. What is the Website Links Count Checker tool

This tool counts the number of links on a webpage and displays them as a percentage. Here, it is worth mentioning that one link can appear more than once on a page.

2. How to use the Link Checker Tool?

Enter the URL for which you want to check all external links and click the "Submit" button. Then the tool will analyze the webpage and displays the links as a percentage.

3. Why is Website Links Count Checker better than others?

It's easy to use and provides you with accurate results. The algorithm used by this tool is quite unique and there are no other tools like it on the Internet. Also, we update our database daily to ensure that you are always getting the freshest information.

4. Why do I need to verify the links of my website?

Firstly, you need to make sure that there are no broken links on your webpage. Secondly, external links play a major role in deciding the rank of a webpage in search results. By verifying all external links, you can maintain an anchor text ratio and improve your backlink profile.

5. Why you need a Website Links Count Checker tool 

You might be running a website and want to know how many external links it has. Also, there might be some other valid reasons for checking the number of links on your webpage, but one thing is sure - you need an accurate tool like this one.

6. What does the Links Checker Tool do?

It counts all internal and external links on a webpage and displays them as a percentage. It also includes link juice in its calculation.

7. Will this tool impact my SEO?

No, it won't have any negative impact on your SEO, as it only counts the number of links on a page and shows them as a percentage.

8. Benefits of using the Website Links Count Checker Tool

It is an easy and accurate tool to find the number of links on a webpage.

9. What types of links can I check?

You can check internal and external links, images and CSS files, etc. with this tool.

10. The downside of not using a website links count checker tool 

If you ignore the number of links on a webpage, then it can have some serious effects. For example, Google might penalize your website for having too many poor quality backlinks due to which your pages might drop in rankings.

11. How does the Links Checker Tool work?

There are mainly three steps involved - first, you need to enter the URL in the given field, then click submit. After that, the tool will go through all pages of your website and count the number of external links on each page. Finally, it will display all results in a percentage.


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