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About Website Screenshot Generator

1. What is the Website Screenshot Generator Tool

This tool allows you to upload any website screenshot you want. You can then edit it, resize it or even generate an image of just the site's background.

2. How do I use the Website Screenshot Generator Tool?

To create a webpage screenshot with this tool is very simple and straightforward, just follow these few steps:

Step 1 - After submitting your website URL in the text field below, wait for the "URL analysis" process to finish (the confirmation message will appear)

Step 2 - Select one of the following delivery methods (this step is optional):  use our fast option (generate your screenshots within seconds), use our premium option if you don't want to wait too long, or go

3. Why should you use this tool

This tool is very useful for people who need to create a website screenshot and want to do it fast. If you are running a business that requires you to display your site's content or performance on paper, or if you plan on showing it to other people in the near future, then this free online tool will be perfect for you.

4. Who can benefit from using this tool 

Anyone who wants to take a screenshot of the desired website.

5. How does this tool work?

This Chrome add-on is an easy-to-use web application that allows you to take webpage screenshots with just one click. It doesn't replace your default "Print Screen" function, it just runs in the background and has some nice options  that

6. The benefits of using this tool

  • You can upload any website to the Screenshot generator tool, edit it and even resize it
  • Delivery time is fast (within seconds)
  • It's free!

7. What are the disadvantages of using this tool

There are no disadvantages to using this web application. This tool is simple yet very useful for every user

This tool is property of SeoToolsPortal and free to Use.