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About Whois Checker

Whois Checker tool has recently been proposed by the security researcher to check domains for WHOIS data, registrar's names, and Fake DNS information. It mainly focuses on finding various stuff associated with a particular domain which we will be using in our pentesting projects.

What is WHOIS Checker?

It is an online tool that can be used to find: - Whois record of any given domain. - Domain Registrar name - Fake DNS entries for any given domain.

This tool can come in quite handy when one wants to track down or verify malicious domains created for phishing or other such purposes.

How to use this tool?

I will be using one of my domains as an example. (Here we go..) - Let's take a particular domain: . The simplest way to check its WHOIS and DNS information would be to simply paste the domain in the input box given. Hit enter! You will see that it checks Whois record, registrar name, and fake DNS entries for your domain automatically. This is something that we can actually achieve manually by pasting the Domain name in Whois Checker search box. But we will not be able to fetch all the extra custom flags and stuffs that this tool offers us while doing so manually, which makes it really cool and efficient!

Now let's see what you get when you actually paste a domain in the given WHOIS checker search box: You will see that it shows up your current WHOIS information regarding Domain Name, Registrant Name & Their Address, Creation Date of Your Website. It also tells you which email-id is being assigned along with your registered domain name for whomsoever to contact you. It also provides you with the necessary information regarding the Domain Registrar to whom your domain name is registered, i.e., Name Servers. Furthermore, it provides you with Fake entries for DNS Entries of your domain which can be used in future phishing attacks.

This tool is property of SeoToolsPortal and free to Use.