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About Word Counter

The Word Counter helpful tool as the word count will determine how long or short your essay is. The Word Counter tool is also great for double-checking your word count before handing in an essay.

To use the online word counter: click here and type in or copy and paste your text into the box. Once you have entered all of your content, the number of words will appear in a bar graph to tell you how many words you have written. Because this program calculates this information, it does not include formatting such as italics, bold font, etc., so be mindful when choosing what typeface to use when writing your essay. The Online Word Counter is helpful because it saves time and makes it easier to check that that word counts are accurate and fair if more than one person is checking the same document. If there are any issues with how many words are read, there is a space at the end of the document where you can type in how many words you believe should be counted.

Before using the Online Word Counter it is important to note that this tool does not include marks (ie., commas or apostrophes) or any symbols (e.g., $, %). Any punctuation marks included will count towards your word count which can lead to lengthy essay lengths. There are also errors with line breaks and formatting that do not always accurately reflect what was written on paper. For example, if an entire sentence was typed into one full line but split into two lines on paper by hand—this may cause your essay's word count to double because each line would be counted as an individual sentence.

The Online Word Counter should not take the place of your own eyes, as you should still read over your essay before turning it in to check for mistakes or anything that may have been missed.

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