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www Redirect Checker tool.

URL redirect checker is a tool that allows users to enter any link and get redirected to the respective target page. This can be used by webmasters for site verification, URL submission, SEO analysis, etc. A simple click on the "Go" button will open the targeted page in a new browser window or tab. You can also copy your desired URL using this tool.

This online Redirect Checker Tool is helpful for many purposes like: -

It helps you to see whether a given domain has moved permanently or not from its previous location with the help of redirection when you land on an old webpage instead of finding/seeing the new webpage at its new address. Here's where this free Online Redirect Checker tool comes into play.

This is a very simple, quick, and totally free online service that lets you see if a webpage has been permanently moved or not from its old address by redirection. In the worst case, it helps you to find out whether a particular domain/URL has been permanently transferred to another person or not, during the time of URL submission. It shows up all results instantly which can save your precious time as well as money too!

It also helps webmasters who want to find out which link leads them to their target page easily and quickly without wasting any time in opening each of those links one by one manually. This tool only takes a few seconds only to do this job for you automatically, just paste any given URL into it and see which link redirects you to the target page you want…

Another purpose it serves is that webmasters can check their competitor URLs one by one and find out if they have redirected those links as permanently moved or not as well as knowing whether those links are working or not after the redirection. It also helps users who want to find out where a specific webpage URL has been redirected to, so this tool will come in very much handy for such purposes.

Addition features include - 100% free and no need for any software download! No registration is necessary and no need to sign up! Absolutely safe & secure! Works perfectly on your Smartphones too! Very light-weighted and user-friendly interface! Totally online-based tool.

This tool is property of SeoToolsPortal and free to Use.