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About XML Sitemap Generator

XML Sitemap Generator tool is a utility to create XML sitemaps. It can be used to generate sitemaps for a domain, a site, or a single web page.


There are many different sitemap generators available both on the internet and as stand-alone applications. The main difference between them is how user-friendly they are - some have lots of options, others just one or two. And then there is a third category - sitemap generators that do not have any options at all. This kind of sitemaps is often used for larger sites since it makes no difference whether you use them or not. In this case, XML Sitemap Generator can be very useful for you to create/update sitemaps in manual mode. Just select one of the templates and fill in the fields.

After we published our article about sitemaps, there were a lot of comments on various forums about the necessity to use XML Sitemap Generator. As you know, we don't want to add another sitemap tool just because it is popular at the moment. That's why we contacted Andrey Petrov and asked him if he could add some features to the script. Actually, we wanted to make it possible to add a sitemap for each domain in a multisite installation (it is possible now). We also hoped Andrey would add an option that would allow us to customize the output template - we want dates in one format, page priority in another, etc. Andrey agreed to do this and modified the script according to our wishes (he even added the option for "priority by age"). We asked him if it would be possible to add an option that would allow us to change the number of links per page. This feature is also included now in XML Sitemap Generator.

Although Andrey did some great work, we didn't stop there. We took the opportunity to make some other improvements regarding usability and appearance. To make our XML Sitemap Generator easier to use for new users, we decided to add an installation wizard that would guide them through the process of installing the script on their server.

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